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Modern Engagement Rings

Modern and contemporary - that's how many couples want their engagement ring. Get inspired by the modern engagement rings in our galery and design your own.

Modern engagement rings are characterised by a certain simplicity, yet the diamond taking centre stage.

All designs can be customized in the usual gold colours yellow, white, red, rosé, acredo's special Signature gold or platinum. You will find the alloy that suits best to you and your modern engagement rings. For sure.

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Modern Engagment Rings

Are you looking for a modern engagement ring? Then browse through our catalogue at your leisure and get some inspiration. We show the most beautiful engagement rings for modern couples.

Characteristics of modern engagement rings

The modern engagement ring has to adapt to everyday life as a matter of course. And this is often turbulent. Working in the morning, having lunch at noon and being out with friends in the evening. The modern engagement ring is always with you. It becomes your constant companion. That's why it can be an advantage if the modern engagement ring fits seamlessly to the wedding ring later on.

At acredo we offer engagement rings in wedding ring quality. This means that the ring bands of most modern engagement rings go through the same hardening processes as the wedding rings. This makes them as hard-wearing and therefore suitable for everyday wear as it is possible to be.

Modern engagement rings with diamonds

We decorate these rings with the most beautiful diamonds, either rubbed in or set in a variety of other settings. In any case, the setting for the modern engagement rings is visually reduced and shows off the diamond to its full advantage. Depending on the design, the central diamond is worn pure or complemented with small brilliant-cut diamonds.

The shape of the diamonds in the modern engagement rings is not always round. In addition to the round brilliant cut diamond, we set princess, baguette, navette, emerald or heart cut diamonds in modern engagement rings.

Actually, modern engagement rings are far too beautiful to be worn alone. They are made for combining them with the wedding ring or with an eternity ring. Be daring and perhaps design a bridal set, which suits your modern life right from the start.