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Eternity Band Wedding Rings

An eternity ring, i.e. a ring with a band of diamonds, can be worn as an engagement ring, wedding ring or stack ring together with the actual wedding rings.

Browse the most beautiful wedding rings with an eternity ring here. Discover, among others, our wedding rings with eternity ring from the Crown collection. In a patented process, both rings are firmly joined together forever.

Wedding rings with an eternity ring are a firework of diamonds. Get inspired.

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Eternity Rings for your Wedding

Many couples today opt for plain wedding rings with a polished or textured finish. For these wedding rings, an eternity ring is the ideal companion. The sparkling diamonds of the eternity ring add highlights to the wedding rings and at the same time the lady's ring duo is flexible. Worn without a memo ring during the day, the two rings - wedding ring with eternity ring - develop their radiance on stage in the evening.
For example, a simple wedding ring with a diamond band on the side of the ring complemented by an eternity ring is also conceivable. In this way, the ensemble sparkles in all directions.

A question of style

Eternity rings come in many heights, widths and in different stone sizes from 0.005ct to 0.3ct. Depending on the size of the individual diamonds and the type of setting, wedding rings with an eternity ring come in a variety of styles. For example, platinum eternity rings with 0.005ct diamonds in a channel setting are more urban lifestyle. Eternity rings with large stones of 0.2 to 0.3 ct in a diamond setting are the luxurious option for wedding rings.

With the acredo configurator, in addition to the classic wedding rings with an eternity ring, you can also design very organic eternity rings with diamond bands arranged as a diagonal or wave. Get inspired and creative.

Eternity ring is wedding ring

Another trend is the classically simple wedding ring for the gentleman with an eternity ring as a wedding ring for the lady. The eternity ring is worn proudly with the engagement ring. This creates a ring set full of memories that can be worn on either the left or right hand. If you choose this option, the quality of the eternity ring to be worn as a wedding ring is of crucial importance. That is why all eternity rings at acredo are made in wedding ring quality. This means they are not only unique, but go through the same hardening processes as wedding rings, making them perfectly prepared for everyday wear.

With our Crown collection, we go one step further: using a patented process, we firmly join the wedding ring and the eternity ring together forever. The click to happiness. We wish you this intimate and firm bond for your marriage.