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Platinum Diamond Jewelry

Diamond rings and diamond jewelry in platinum are made for royalty. Excellent diamonds and platinum form a unique bond.

Platinum is rare and pure. Together with diamonds in various shapes, jewelry of the extra class is created. At the same time, the silver colour of platinum diamond jewelry expresses a certain understatement.

Browse through our selection and design your own unique piece of jewelry in platinum.

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Royal Diamond Jewelry

Platinum is simply heavenly. The silver-coloured precious metal is extremely rare and therefore very valuable. Together with diamonds or other precious stones, irresistible pieces of jewelry are created.

Wedding with Platinum Diamond Jewelry

No royal wedding takes place without diamond jewelry in platinum. The bride is adorned with diamond earrings, a diamond necklace and sometimes a diamond bracelet in platinum. The tiara is indispensable. Discover the royal highness in you and treat yourself to platinum diamond jewellery.

Design your own platinum diamond jewelry

At acredo we offer a wide range of designs for diamond rings in platinum. These are primarily solitaire rings in platinum and eternity rings in platinum. These rings can be set with either white or coloured diamonds or sapphires. Design your own favourite ring or wear the rings stacked.

Earrings accompany us every day. Diamond earrings in platinum are something special. Depending on the stone size, they are discreet classics or breathtakingly beautiful. We combine diamond jewelry in platinum with the best diamonds. Diamonds from 0.3ct come with an international certificate at acredo, confirming the excellent quality and providing security.

When you choose earrings in platinum and rings in platinum, your diamond jewelry is perfectly matched. A heavenly set leaving nothing to be desired.