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Signature Wedding Rings 100% unique

Timeless beauty and zeitgeist. The unique acredo Signature alloy combines these two qualities.

Depending on the incidence of light, it appears white-pink with a hint of beige. On the one hand, this makes it a perfect match for acredo, while on the other hand, it appears restrained and elegant. Perfect for extraordinary wedding rings that will accompany you for a lifetime.

The noble shade is available in 14kt and 18kt. If you like it multicolored, we recommend a combination with white gold or platinum.

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Signature – 100% acredo

It was thought to be something special. A unique alloy reflecting our expertise and passion for gold. Elegant and sophisticated like acredo's design motto. The result is acredo Signature. The signature among the acredo alloys, which is completely representative of the brand.

It was preceded by a long development process involving all specialists. The designers, the strategy, the foundry - all contributed their knowledge to the development of the exclusive acredo alloy. Endless tests were required until the new gold color was born. The efforts paid off. Signature impresses with its timelessly elegant appearance in 14kt and 18kt.

Signature - the design possibilities

Be inspired by the diverse models in our catalog and choose your favorite model(s) in the Signature gold alloy. In the next step, you modify the rings down to the smallest detail to create absolutely individual wedding rings or wedding bands.

With acredo Signature, all surface structures are possible - from polished to hammered to crushed or glamour. The rings can be designed in one or several colors. In the latter case, the combination with white precious metals such as white gold, gray gold or platinum is particularly recommended.

Romantic rings are created with the acredo Signature alloy when milgrain is chosen as a design element. Radiant accents are set in particular with white diamonds. The combination with cognac-colored diamonds has a very natural effect and playfully takes up the „human and nature“ trend.

Signature – Made in Germany

Once the design and engraving of the rings have been decided, they are produced with great attention to detail in our manufactory in Pforzheim. There, the acredo Signature alloy is cast in-house and its quality is constantly checked. Sustainability is a matter of concern to us. That is why egf Manufactory has been RJC certified for years and the supply chains are transparent. After casting, the precious metal is compressed several times to achieve the hardness required for wedding rings. It is then given the right shape and the rings are finished by the goldsmiths. Once the Signature rings have received the individual engraving and passed the final inspection, they are ready for the wonderful moment when bride and groom are holding the wedding rings in their hands for the first time.