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Diamond Jewelry in Gold

Diamond jewellery in gold or yellow gold has great fascination. The shade of gold is warm and unsurpassed when it comes to earrings, necklaces, bracelets and diamond rings.

Treat yourself to diamond jewellery in gold or discover a gift for a very special person in your life.

In our collection, we show you the most beautiful diamond jewellery in gold in a wide variety of styles: from classic to romantic to luxurious. Discover.

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Diamond Jewelry in Gold

The term diamond jewelry is the bracket around various types of jewelry that make women's hearts beat faster. These include diamond earrings, diamond rings, necklaces with diamond pendants and diamond bracelets.

Valuable gold

Diamond jewelry in gold has a very special aura. Gold has exerted a fascination on people for thousands of years. It is rare and valuable. That is why it is desired. A gift in the form of gold diamond jewelry is therefore always a very good choice. People will love you for it. Because diamond jewellery in gold expresses appreciation.

Diamond earrings in gold

Earrings are generally favourites among jewelry. They are noticed by the other person at first glance and round up the appearance. That is why you are always right with diamond earrings in gold. At acredo we offer stud earrings or earrings with different settings as diamond jewelry in gold. Diamonds in sizes from 0.1 ct to 1.0 ct are set with 4,6,8 prongs or in a bezel setting. In addition, we offer diamond earrings in gold to match the designs of our engagement rings and wedding bands. This way you can easily complete a diamond jewellery set in gold growing over the years.

Diamond necklaces and diamond bracelets in gold

A necklace or a chain with a diamond pendant in gold clearly belongs to your golden diamond jewelry. Of course, we also have a heart in our selection. Besides the classic necklaces with solitaire pendants, we also have necklaces with circular diamond pendants in our portfolio. Be inspired by the designs of our diamond jewelry in gold.

Wedding anniversary, Mother's Day, Christmas are just a few of the occasions that are perfect for a gift in the form of diamond jewelry in gold.